Business Motivation | 01 March 2016

Have I Chicken and Egged it? Shit Yeah!

  This morning a friend and fellow mumpreneur and I were discussing the money and time we have spent on professional and personal development programs, coaching and ‘golden ...
Business Motivation | 27 August 2015

My top 10 biz books you must read…or listen to!

We are all super busy but it’s really important to schedule some time in to feed our brains. Not long ago I discovered how amazing audiobooks were (yep, I know they’ve been aro...
Business Motivation | 27 August 2015

What’s the motivation behind your business?

My mum was a mumpreneur. Her business, ‘Young Kelly’, designed, produced and marketed boutique children’s clothing back in the 1970’s. She was selling designer children’s...

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