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5 Top Tips for New Mumpreneurs


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Being a mum and business owner myself I totally get the juggle. I’m very aware that I am driven to succeed and create the life I truly desire BUT my children are, without doubt, my number one priority. In fact, the life I am creating through my business is allowing me to spend more quality time with my family and create beautiful connections and memories.

I’ve been in business for a number of years now and it’s been an interesting journey. I’ve had some major challenges, failures and disappointments but also experienced amazing shifts, growth and realizations. I’ve uncovered strength and determination within myself that I never thought I had.

Below are 5 top tips that really helped me. I hope that by sharing them with you that you are able to achieve success as both a mum and business owner with less stress and overwhelm and enjoy and embrace the journey.


Start out small and gradually build your business ~ Don’t try to conquer the world within your first few months of business. It will take some time to get your head around a number of things like sales and marketing, setting up systems, identifying your ideal customers, managing your finances and juggling the home stuff. By starting small and measured you are able to focus better and build more solid foundations. It will also give your family time to adjust to you not being as available as before.


Don’t compare yourself to others ~ You may be more aware of what others are doing in their business and it’s easy to begin comparing your success with theirs. Quite often we are not aware of the time it has taken these women to get to where they have got. They have most likely faced many ups and downs, overcome challenges and failures but picked themselves up, dusted themselves down and moved forward. It’s all part of the journey to success.


Take time out for you ~ Starting your own business is like having another baby. There is one more being you have to give your attention to and the other children will have to adjust to not having as much of your time as they had previously. Try to fit some ‘you time’ in, even if it’s just for half an hour a day. Do something that relaxes you and helps you nurture your soul. Whether it be a walk, yoga or gym session, meditation, cuppa in a café, just make sure it’s something that reenergizes you. It’s a bit like the plane oxygen mask scenario, make sure you have oxygen so you can function effectively. If you get sick, are stressed or unhappy it will flow through to your business but, more importantly, your family will suffer. We all know how super sensitive our children are to our emotions.


Keep focused on your goal ~ Do you have complete clarity around your goal? Can you write it down or verbalize it in one or two sentences? Does it fill you will excitement? Make sure you know what you are working towards, write your goal down and put it somewhere you can see daily. If you are more of a visual connector create a collage of your goal in a vision board. This will keep you focused and driven and is a powerful tool to achieving the results you want.

It’s also ok to say no. Trying to always please others will leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed and move you further away from reaching your goal. If in doubt ask yourself whether saying yes is aligned with your goal.  


Plan, Prepare and Focus ~ Whenever possible have your days planned and stick to it. This is one of the biggest preventers of overwhelm. As a mum you are inevitably going to juggle business and family and if one of the children are sick or its school holidays the juggle can be major. By planning your business activities and focusing on completing these activities you will be more efficient and productive. If you have to take unscheduled time away from your business you will feel better if you have finished projects rather than having a whole series of unfinished ones.

On the home front look at organizing the meals for the week, cook in batches and freeze, use Coles or Woolworths online so you are not frequently heading into the supermarket dragging the children with you. When you are with your children focus on them rather than on answering emails, phone calls or other work stuff. Fifteen minutes of time spend focused 100% on them is more powerful than an hour being with them but not really present.

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