Dream Builder Program

The Dream Builder is a program designed for spiritually minded professionals who are ready to define what they want in life and dissolve fear, doubt and worry to achieve it.

It’s a program that will help you pursue your dream with confidence and support and a PROVEN process to transform your life and jump-start the results.

In a nutshell, it gives you the chance to live the life you want and also make a difference in the world.


The Dream Builder is perfect if you are:

  • Dissatisfied with life but can’t figure out what and how to change.
  • Not stepping out of your way to do what you want due to worry, guilt, fear or negative thinking.
  • Frustrated because you don’t seem to be making progress with your dream.
  • Feeling unsettled due to uncertainties with the steps you need to take.


What You Get:

A simple but proven system to unlock your life’s Spiritual Side of Success. It is a 90-day process that will take you from your point of stagnation to a free, fulfilled and confident level.


How Is It Delivered:

Once you register for the program you will receive a login to your personal online portal where you access each week’s audio and workbook. Each week you will have a one on one 60-minute call with me where I will coach you in the application of the practices and principles of the Dream Builder Program, and support you in your journey.


12 week program outline:

Week 1         Dream Building Principle #1: Your Dream Is Greater Than Your Circumstances
Week 2         Building Your Dream: Defining What You Really Want
Week 3         Determining Your Dream: Is Your Dream Right for You?
Week 4         The Power of Perception: Aligning Your Thoughts With Your Dream
Week 5         Increasing Worthiness: Laying Claim to Your Sense of Deserving
Week 6         Environment Empowerment: Weeding Your Field So Your Dream Can Grow
Week 7         Getting Across Gap: The Secret To Overcoming Obstacles
Week 8         The Flow: Attracting The Resources You Need To Build Your Heart’s Dream
Week 9         Expansion Through Forgiveness: Clearing The Past To Receive Your Dream
Week 10       Your Inner Genius: Accessing The Land Of Solutions
Week 11       Sustaining Success: Anchoring Your Dream For Increasing Results
Week 12       Overcoming Failure: Transforming Breakdowns into Breakthroughs

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