Cash Flow | 19 February 2016

I Am CRAZY BUSY But My Business Is Not Making Money!


Quite often we confuse being busy with being productive BUT the outcomes of these can be very different.

 You may have had a really busy week but made hardly any, or quite possibly no money.

Looking back on your week ‘being busy’ may have involved:

  • Checking and responding to emails
  • Answering calls from clients
  • Checking Facebook
  • Responding to Facebook Messages
  • Answering Skype messages or calls
  • Trying to get your focus back onto a project after being interrupted by the above!

All of this activity is making you a puppet to everyone else’s agenda and unless you are on their payroll, you are wasting time and losing money. Furthermore, this is not the type of activity that is helping you reach your goals whether it be a short-term goal to finish a project or a long term goal to make your business profitable.

There are, however, are a few simple tweaks will make a huge difference to your productivity

  • Respond to Facebook Messenger messages during your allocated Facebook time.
  • Have specific times in your day when you check your Facebook. If you need to post something on your business Facebook page or respond to comments that relate to a business post also do this during your allocated Facebook time. It’s easy to just quickly pop over to Facebook to post something business related and then find yourself watching super cute puppies jumping over a rope (I know I’ve done it!!)
  • I’ve heard from some people that they check emails twice a day, once in the morning and then again in the afternoon. This is a brilliant idea! Aim to have minimal emails in your inbox and unsubscribe from mailing lists (except mine of course 😉 ) that you are receiving emails from yet never reading.
  • Only respond to Skype calls or messages for scheduled meetings.
  • Shut down your Facebook and Skype so you are not tempted to be interrupted. Better still use one of those groovy software apps that will enable you to block out distracting websites for a set amount of time. Check out SelfControl (if you are a Mac user) or something like Cold Turkey.
  • Ask your clients to email you with their queries rather than call, or schedule a time when you can have a phone or skype meeting.

There are other things that keep you busy being unproductive but I’ll save them for another day.

Until then remember to focus on what is important and turn your business into a money making machine.

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