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Business Cash Flow

Poor cash flow is one of the biggest factors behind small business failure. Learn how to increase the cash flow in your business and handle your finances properly so your business survives.

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Personal Cash Flow

Generally it’s not how much money you earn but how you manage the money you have that makes the difference between living in debt or achieving financial freedom.  Create financial security, peace of mind, learn how to master your money and develop a plan that funds your lifestyle.

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Xero Help & File Check

Not sure if your Xero is correct, up to date and performing efficiently? Fix any errors, ensure your reports are accurate and have peace of mind that your accounts are compliant.

How Far Away is Your Financial Independence?

Are you going around and around?


Do you need to move from uncertainty, worry and stress to being in control and propelling forward?


Do you need someone to help guide and show you how to increase your cash flow and manage your money so you can build your wealth?


The Money and Prosperity Program can help you do this. It covers the 4 main pillars that create, strengthen and maintain financial freedom; Clarity, Mindset, Tools & Techniques and Sustainability. It’s designed to be tailored to your specific needs and goals – a unique blueprint. You will see immediate results as soon as you begin your journey, transform your mindset and learn wealth management skills to use throughout your life.


The outcome is that you ACHIEVE your goals instead of dreaming about them and I’ll be with you all the way, holding your hand, providing guidance and support and celebrating your transformation.


Here are what some of my clients have said:


  • “Transformed my confidence and turned what seemed impossible into a reality”
  • “To say I am thrilled with the results is an understatement”
  • “Changed my mindset around money and put in some solid strategies to grow my wealth”
  • “I was able to see where my problems stemmed from and had a clear vision and direction like never before”
  • “Within two months…I doubled the money coming in, was able to cut down my hours and finally have time for myself”


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Be in control of your money and grow your wealth in one place, anywhere, anytime. You have control of all the details of your financial life, on hand, online from any device.


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Financial Freedom Speaker

As your Financial Freedom Speaker, Marisa Punshon addresses the blocks that keep successful people from their financial freedom. Marisa is a Vision Partner with The Entourage, Australia’s largest educator of entrepreneurs and has been the Money Expert for AusMumpreneur, Australia’s #1 community for mums in business.

Speaking topics:

  • The 4 Pillars to Create Wealth and Prosperity
  • Creating a Mindset that Accelerates your Wealth
  • Identifying your Vision
  • The Business Cash Formula – Creating Systems to Increase Cash Flow
Financial Freedom Speaker