Money Mentoring

Running a successful business is a lot of work. When focusing on the day-to-day operations, it can be easy to lose sight of the basics; vision, finance, and strategy. The daily grind can be blinding and cause us to become disillusioned, unknowingly backing us away from our original dream.

That’s where I come in. Having worked with entrepreneurs over the last 16 years, I have seen just about everything. I will come along side of you and breathe a new life into your vision and business. We will work together to develop strategies to achieve your goals, increase cash flow and create a business that will help you build personal wealth.

No matter where your business is currently, there is hope! I know it can be scary and confusing after putting in long hours and not seeing much reward, but let me tell you, you can (and will) accomplish your dreams. My desire is to empower and educate you to accelerate your business and dramatically increase your cash flow.


Through personal mentoring, you will be able to:

  • Create a new, powerful vision for your business, set goals for success and create blueprints to ensure you get there.
  • Build a positive mindset and thought process as it relates to your success in business.
  • Learn how to increase your cash flow and remove barriers that are impeding financial growth.
  • Learn the application of basic business financial systems.
  • Increase your personal wealth by creating a profitable business.
  • And much more!

I will help you dig deep and get the answers and direction that you have been searching for so long.


Two Hour Session

Designed to infuse life in your passion!

Two hour innovative sessions can be offered either in person, via video chat (Skype) or on the telephone. These groundbreaking sessions will help clarify the vision that you have for your business. You will be able to identify and tackle fears and roadblocks that are impeding you from moving forward, making money and accomplishing your goals. You will receive a unique plan of action specifically for you and your business.


Half Day Breakthrough Sessions

Transforming your business – one step at a time!

These remarkable sessions are ideal for people who are ready to dig deep into themselves and their business to identify fears, weaknesses, broken processes and systems that don’t work. Together we will pinpoint barriers and implement strategies to break through them. We will identify strategies and blueprints to help you get paid faster, increase your cash flow and optimize your day-to-day business. These breakthrough sessions are most successful when we can meet face to face so we will arrange to meet in person.


Mentoring Packages

Four session package ~ 4 one hour sessions.

Six session package ~ 6 one hour sessions.


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