Thank you for all of your kind words

I worked with Marisa when she was migrating two of my clients over to Xero. During the entire process she was focused on delivering the highest level of excellence and professionalism. She provided amazing support, was easy to talk to and was very accommodating. My phone calls and emails, and those of my clients, were always promptly returned. Her knowledge of Xero is amazing and we could not have received the results we did without her.

Ann Cattenazzi | Nicholson Partners, Thornbury, Victoria

Marisa is a highly knowledgeable, committed and caring professional who quickly developed a sound understanding of our organisation. She is always available to answer even the most trivial of questions and is able to provide a service with a truly ‘personalised’ approach.

Catherine Connop | FSNLC Centre Manager, Flemington

Marisa helped me to overcome a huge money block I’ve had for years around being worthy of abundance. The boost to my confidence has been a welcome transformation!

Catherine Langman | Productpreneur Success Coach, Sydney

Marisa has taken ideas and concepts that can be difficult to get your head around and simplified them in a way that helped me gain clarity. She rammed home some very dis-empowering beliefs I had around money so I could examine them and recognise they are not actually true, plus, I’ve created new affirmations to replace them with.

I had to take a look at stuff I’d previously put blinkers on with and placed in the ‘too hard basket’ – particularly financials. I’m also walking 3 mornings a week, exercise is something I’ve resisted for several years!

Debra Yuille | Feng Shui Consultant , Queensland

Marisa I want to thank you so much for your money session. It really opened my mind to the fact that I have so many blocks about not feeling worthy enough or good enough to create money for myself. After the session I am feeling much more capable to create my own abundance. This is huge for me! Our open day over the weekend (which I put on as a free event just to generate new future customers), actually made me a profit! The money came in from our guests on the day and I really feel like so much of it is because I am open to receiving it!
I really look forward to working more with you to help me make much more money in the future. Thank you!

Glenys Rillie | Founder, Petite Princess Parlour, Brisbane

I was on a retreat recently where Marisa ran a money workshop. It was completely different to any other money workshop I’ve been to!

Marisa’s gentle approach in asking questions to really get to the bottom of the money challenges I had was incredible.

I am absolutely in love with the affirmation Marisa helped me create – I smile every time I say it because it brings me so much joy!

I can’t wait to work with Marisa again soon.


Helen Joy Butler | Intuitive Professional Organiser, Elemental Space Clearer, Brisbane

The program was full of powerful information and great ideas and apps that assisted my mindset, environment and abundance. A must for any business owner whether you are just starting out or want to take your business to the next level!

Linda McMahon | Owner, Essential System Solutions , Victoria

Often people tell you that you need to look at your mindset (but until you start looking at it, you don’t quite realise how set in your ways that you really are). My business had stagnated and there were gaps in my business knowledge, hence I needed to make some changes. I loved the support from Marisa and the practical activities that I implemented over a period of time. It does require you to do work (but well worth completing those activities).

I was able to stop wasting money and identify different ways of making more.

Thanks for the money wake up call and look forward to really stepping up in 2016!

Megan Iemma | Founder, Tech Coach HQ, Melbourne

Before working with Marisa I was investing huge hours in my business but not seeing any financial gain. I was tired, felt stuck and was scared that I would have to close my doors. I loved being a personal trainer and knew that I was great at helping people reach their health and fitness goals but lacked the confidence to run a profitable business.

Working with Marisa was amazing! She pointed out that my biggest obstacle was my mindset. I just had to make the decision and have the courage to do a few simple things in my business. Once I did this the change was incredible.

Marisa helped me set up payment collection systems and payment tracking so I had some control over my money. These two things alone almost doubled the cash that came into my business within the first 2 months! I was able to cut down my working hours and finally have some time for myself.

Other things we looked at were implementing price increases and packaging services but ensuring that my clients were getting great value for their money. We also worked on marketing the business to attract the right clients for me.

While working with Marisa I felt supported all the way. Her simple steps and practical ideas have transformed my business and the way I think about my business finances. I am so grateful!

Michelle Peroomal | Owner Inner Sanctuary Personal Training, Williamstown

Before working with Marisa, I was overwhelmed and floundering to keep up with the demands of running my business smoothly and efficiently. While happily taking on new business, it soon became clear that major changes had to take place to gain a work/life balance.

Marisa has been instrumental in getting me to take charge and implement some major changes within our structure.

I am extremely grateful to Marisa for taking the time to review our processes and providing some invaluable business strategies that we are now implementing.

Olga Field, Director | Ace Body Corporate Management South Melbourne/Port Melbourne


For too long we’ve told ourselves crazy money stories ‘Rich people are greedy’ ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ ‘You have to work hard to be rich’ etc etc and these stories simply aren’t true – they’re just stories! I loved how powerful your Money Session was, we really smashed through those money blocks! And created brand new stories for ourselves that looked nothing like the old stories which had been holding us back, Thank you Marisa Punshon <3

Peace Mitchell | Co-founder Ausmumpreneur, Victoria

Engaging Marisa to implement the setup of Xero for our Architectural office was a stress free and easy experience.

Marisa was efficient with the setup and clear with instructions of what was required from our end. The training of Xero was also arranged and implemented by her. The training session was very informative and simple to follow as she navigated us through all the steps.  She has a good training style, friendly nature and extremely personable.
She is also very knowledgeable and efficient with the work that she carries out.

I would highly recommend Marisa for any accounting requirements and would definitely engage her services again.”

T A Square Architecture |

Marisa is a detailed oriented, warm and personable Service Provider who really cares about her clients and wants to support them in creating and sustaining great businesses. She is highly proficient and knowledgeable and as a result of working with her, I now have strong foundations and platforms for my business. Thanks Marisa. I am so glad I engaged your Services!

Wendy Grenfell | Change Management – Personal & Professional Development Coach

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